3 Ways to Install Windows 11 on Older, Unsupported PCs

3 Ways to Install Windows 11 on Older, Unsupported PCs

Windows 11 is going to be released in the fall of 2015, and it’s going to require PCs with more power than older machines currently have. That means that it’s likely that if you want to use Windows 11 on your PC, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware so that it can run properly. But what if you don’t want to spend the money? Here are three ways to install Windows 11 on older, unsupported PCs so that you can give yourself access to the new operating system without having to buy a new computer or upgrading your current one.


3 ways to get Win10 even if you have an old PC

  1. Buy a new copy of Windows 10. If you have an old PC that doesn’t support Windows 10, you can buy a new copy of the operating system from Microsoft. This will give you a digital license that you can use to activate and install Windows 10 on your old PC.
  2. Upgrade your old PC to Windows 10. If your old PC has a licensed copy of Windows 7 or 8, you can upgrade it to Windows 10 for free. You’ll need to purchase Windows 10, which costs about $120. But this way you’ll still be able to get some use out of your old PC before it’s retired.
  3. Install Linux as a dual-boot OS . If you really want to keep using your old PC but don’t want to pay for a new copy of Windows 10, try installing Linux. Ubuntu is one popular option for desktop computers because it’s easy to set up and use—you won’t even notice the difference between Windows 10 or Ubuntu!

 Use Windows 7 Mode

One way to install Windows 11 on an older, unsupported PC is to use Windows 7 Mode. This mode allows you to run Windows 7 and 8 programs in a virtual machine on your computer. To do this, you’ll need to download and install the VirtualBox software from Oracle. Once you’ve installed VirtualBox, open it and click New. Enter a name for your virtual machine and select Windows 7 as the operating system. Choose the amount of RAM and storage you want to allocate to the virtual machine. Click Next, then go through the installation process as if you were installing Windows 7 on a new PC. You will also need to enter activation keys when prompted. After installation, you can use this virtual machine just like any other application or program on your computer.

Run an emulator program

One way to install Windows 11 on an older, unsupported PC is to run an emulator program. Emulator programs allow you to run programs designed for one operating system on another. This means that you can run Windows 11 on your PC even if it’s not officially supported. You will need to download the files from Microsoft’s website and then create a bootable USB drive or DVD with the installation files. Use the installer’s interface to choose which hard drive letter corresponds to your PC’s main hard drive (probably C). Then click Next and follow the prompts until you’re finished installing Windows 11.

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