Best UPSC Faculty With Tathastu ICS

UPSC Faculty

Tathastu ICS in Old Rajinder Nagar provides an ideal learning environment with modern facilities and infrastructure, featuring comfortable classrooms, a library, and access to online resources for its aspirants.

At our institute, our faculty boasts deep subject expertise and insight into UPSC exam syllabus. Through their in-depth lectures, these faculty aim to build a solid foundation for students.

1. Dr. Tanu Jain

After passing their civil services exam, many students can feel disheartened and uncertain of where to turn next. A coach can be invaluable at helping navigate you towards taking the next steps on your career journey; choosing one based on personal criteria such as personality traits, learning style preferences and priorities will likely prove successful.

Dr. Tanu Jain, a renowned IAS coach who has successfully guided numerous students through the examination, is an inspiration to young aspirants and has garnered her an extensive social media following. Even during her hectic schedule she still makes time for videos and practice interview sessions on YouTube and Instagram to share her wisdom with young aspiring candidates.

Her teaching style draws upon her personal experience preparing for exams herself, taking a holistic approach that enhances student performance. She strongly advocates developing positive mental attitudes as this will increase chances of success.

Institution of Advanced Study provides numerous course options to those aspiring to IAS or IPS careers, such as its one-year GS program that includes 300 lectures covering all general studies subjects and 150 hours of CSAT classes, along with dedicated mentorship to help guide preparation efforts. Furthermore, there is also access to study materials at this library – plus locker storage options so books and notes are protected during preparation.

2. Mr. Sagar Gupta

Sagar Gupta is an experienced legal scholar with degrees from National Law University of Jodhpur and Master’s in International Trade and Investment Law from this same institution. Sagar practices using an action-oriented teaching methodology with his students while emphasizing developing logical reasoning skills. Furthermore, he is knowledgeable of UPSC exam syllabus while explaining complex subjects easily for better retention.

Tathastu ICS’ one-year General Studies (GS) program offers students 300 lectures covering all the GS subjects – totaling to over 750 hours of learning – in addition to NCERT compilations to assist with exam preparation. Tathastu ICS encourages its students to use these books instead of buying additional study materials; alternatively, teachers provide printed notes dictated during classes so as to save students money from purchasing unnecessary books.

Tathastu ICS not only provides high-quality coaching but also offers test series for prelims and mains of civil services exams both offline and online, including mentorship and guidance services to its students.

Tathastu ICS can be easily reached in Delhi’s heart by heading towards Bada Bazar Road and passing by Croma store and PW-Clear IAS building; then look out for large signboard bearing ‘Tathastu ICS’ written prominently across it.

3. Mr. Aditya Patel

Civil Services Examination preparation requires dedication, perseverance and access to quality guidance. Tathastu ICS stands as an indispensable partner in this journey by offering comprehensive courses and expert guidance designed to ensure aspirants succeed in the exam. Their unique partnership with Josh Talks allows aspirants to take on this exam with confidence while benefiting from an in-depth preparation journey facilitated by Josh Talks’ insights – this guide also assists aspirants navigate Tathastu ICS fees and benefits while drawing upon insights gained through Josh Talks to further support their journey.

Tathastu ICS equips students for success in the IAS exam with top-tier faculty members and resources, such as printed notes and NCERT compilations. Tathastu also offers online classes, which can be recorded and made available for viewing later. This option helps aspirants build a foundation before attending live lectures while saving both time and money.

Tathastu ICS also offers an interview preparation program, to prepare students for the final stage of a civil service exam. Students will receive feedback on their performance as well as tips to enhance interview answers. Moreover, Tathastu ICS features an online library offering books and notes for student use that can be easily accessed from any location; students also benefit from accessing high-quality material this way! Moreover, its locker facility gives a secure storage solution for books and notes.

4. Mr. Anuj Jindal

Anuj Jindal is one of the Best UPSC Faculty with Tathastu ICS. A former State Bank of India PO with a Master’s in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, Anuj has extensive banking industry experience and enjoys breaking down complex topics to make learning easy for his students. Furthermore, Anuj also helps them develop critical reasoning and analytical abilities as essential elements in success at exams like UPSC and GRE.

He has taught numerous students who have gone on to become successful civil servants. To prepare students for the IAS exam, he uses a comprehensive approach including classroom lectures and study material. Furthermore, he emphasizes developing critical thinking and communication skills crucial for public service careers – believing that success in this exam does not depend on academic performance but on hard work and dedication alone.

Tathastu ICS stands out from other UPSC coaching institutes by providing a BA + UPSC program, enabling students to begin IAS preparation as undergraduate school students. This approach recognizes that having an academic foundation in subjects like political science, economics and history will enable students to understand and comprehend subjects covered by the exam more quickly. Furthermore, coaching sessions and interview preparation sessions help prepare them for this final step of preparation.

Tathastu ICS also provides specialized test series for UPSC prelims and mains examinations, both online and offline, based on the current syllabus. In addition, students have access to additional notes and video lectures which allow them to hone their skills before taking their examinations.

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