Everything You Need To Know About Dental Insurance in New York

Dental Insurance in New York

Doctors Network is an organization that provides dental and primary care plans to individuals that enable them to access a variety of discounted dental and medical services. Doctors Network was created in 2017 by Dr. Pooria Shahin DDS and other doctors and dentists who were tired of dealing with third-party insurance companies when seeing patients, and they started this network to allow more patients to have access to the dental and medical care they deserve.

Doctors Network not only makes healthcare more accessible for New York patients, but it also makes life easier for dentists and doctors. With a Doctors Network care plan, providers can set their own fees and terminate complicated insurance contracts.

The other challenge this healthcare app solves is searching for the best healthcare professional. Uncovering which doctor’s office accepts your insurance can be challenging. Doctors Network addresses these challenges head-on by providing a database of dentists and physicians across the country. This web app allows patients to search for healthcare professionals based on specialty, location, and insurance acceptance, making it easier for them to schedule appointments all online and with a few clicks.

How Does Doctors Network Work?

After paying a one-time signup fee and a small monthly fee determined by your dentist or doctor, you will gain access to highly reduced medical and dental fees. Doctors Network can be seen as a membership club that allows patients to save up to 90% on medical costs.

Medical expenses with Doctors Network are directly between the doctor and the patient, allowing doctors and patients to develop closer bonds and greater trust. Patients can better communicate with their dentist and doctor to create the perfect plan without having to deal with a third-party insurance company.

To start, visit Doctors Network and find providers in your area who are members of the network. Whether you are searching for dentist offices in New York, experienced dentists in Brooklyn, or dental specialists in Queens, you can now easily connect with them and request an appointment online. If you prefer to stay with your own doctor, ask them to contact us to become a member by applying at Doctors Network.

How Does This Membership Plan Compare to Traditional Insurance?

Insurance companies often deny claims, impose high deductibles, and offer low-quality care all while charging high monthly premiums. Insurance Companies only use a portion of that premium to pay medical costs. The rest is given to stockholders, management bonuses, or put toward advertising for the insurance company.

Besides that, insurance benefits may sometimes not cover the medical procedures you need, forcing you to either forego necessary medical care or pay outrageous out-of-pocket fees.

Traditional dental insurance plans generally have a maximum limit on the coverage they will provide annually. Often times even the maximum coverage is not enough. Doctors Network solves this issue by offering subscribers unlimited discounted resources. No matter how many dental and medical procedures you need throughout the year, you can pay a discounted rate with Doctors Network.

Traditional insurance plans also have complicated eligibility rules and qualifications that limit the people accepted by the plan. Doctors Network provides discount plans for all, no matter your health condition, your age, or your immigration status.

How Can You Take Advantage of Doctors Network If You Already Have Insurance?

Remember, Doctors Network is not insurance but can be utilized as an alternative for those without coverage. Although Doctors Network primarily helps those without insurance, insurance subscribers can still take advantage of an additional affordable medical or dental plan.

Health insurance companies often impose expensive copays and deductibles for elective procedures. Even some necessary procedures can lead to denied claims and medical bills. If your insurance has inefficiencies, a Doctors Network plan can fill those gaps, ensuring that any medical or dental procedure you need will be available and affordable.

Whether or not you already have coverage, Doctors Network can take away the burden of paying too much out-of-pocket fees for the healthcare you need. If you’re in the market for an easy way to receive dental and general care in New York, visit www.doctorsnetwork.com/dentists-new-york-ny to learn everything you know about dental insurance. It will only take a few clicks to pay less!

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