Do Not Track Your Way to More Privacy on iOS

Do Not Track Your Way to More Privacy on iOS

Safari’s new Do Not Track feature gives users the option to not have their online activities tracked by advertisers and websites. However, enabling the feature on an iOS device can lead to problems with some apps, including ones you may use every day. To avoid frustrating interruptions in your daily routine, you should learn how to enable Do Not Track on your iPhone or iPad without causing any problems with other apps you regularly use.

Three Reasons to Enable Do Not Track

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Simple Steps for Enabling Do Not Track

Long before the internet and computers, women across Europe were using pencils and paper to undermine Nazi forces during World War II. They were listening to German radio broadcasts, breaking their coded messages, and passing that information on to the Allied forces — all without much recognition. It wasn’t until recently that these codebreakers have been given credit for their crucial role in helping win the war. In his new book The Women Who Hacked Hitler’s Codes, historian Jason Fagone explores the untold story of these women and the mathematicians who recognized their talents and helped them use it against the Nazis.

Two Advantages of Switching to Do Not Track

Start off by playing a few test sounds. These may be your first introduction to what improved audio quality feels like. You can play these using either your sound system or your headphones and our software will automatically adjust the levels of frequencies to match what you’re hearing. Some common sounds are white noise, pink noise, brown noise, rain, wind, ocean waves.

Why this Feature is Good News for Everyone

Windows Sonic For Headshots comes with an installer. Once it’s downloaded, install it as you would any other software and follow the prompts. If your device doesn’t have a microphone that’s compatible with voice chat, make sure you can plug in a compatible one during installation.


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