The Top 10 Shark Tank Tech Successes (and Flops)

The Top 10 Shark Tank Tech Successes (and Flops)

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor or just interested in startups, the ABC show Shark Tank (you can watch season 7 here) has something to offer everyone. While other TV shows focus on celebrity culture and rich families fighting over money, Shark Tank gives viewers an inside look at what it takes to become the next Google or Facebook – or, alternatively, how not to become yet another failed startup that goes down in flames. Here are some of Shark Tank’s greatest tech successes and flops (so far).


First: The biggest success ever

Dragon’s Den was originally a UK show, but it has also been aired in many other countries. The US is probably the country with the most episodes of Dragon’s Den. One of the biggest successes ever featured on Shark Tank was Merge Dragons, who got $250k for 25% equity. The creators had created this system that would allow gamers to chat with one another in-game by combining their streams.


Second: A genuine hit

Nest was a big hit for the Sharks in Season 2 and has raised over $340 million to date. With this newest round of funding, the company’s worth is estimated at over $3 billion dollars.

B2, which stands for Backpack to Briefcase and is a military-grade backpack with an integrated iPad stand, lock, and straps designed specifically for college students.


Third: One of the fastest-growing companies in America

Facebook’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a dorm room at Harvard University in the early 2000s. Mark Zuckerberg created an early version of the social media site that focused mainly on student photos and personal profiles. With help from his friends, he quickly grew the site into a worldwide phenomenon, even though he didn’t intend for it to ever become a business.


Fourth: An attempt to reignite online dating

One of the most talked about startups in the past few years is the idea of online dating. Launched on the belief that dating had migrated to mobile devices, this service would offer an app for smartphone users to find and meet people nearby. The founders found success through a simple but compelling idea: making it easy for singles to connect. Their product was intuitive, effective, and provided a low-cost way for users to access romantic opportunities without going broke.


Fifth: Waste Management Made Easy

The following year, Hurley began to develop a prototype for what would later become Waste Management Made Easy, the world’s first dedicated mobile phone application for the waste and recycling industry. This wasn’t just any app – Waste Management Made Easy enables local government agencies and private contractors to communicate with one another more effectively.

What are your thoughts on this story? What have you learned from it?


Sixth: Prevent dog attacks with this device

To stop a dog attack, most people would use an object to throw at the dog to distract them. However, this device is a motion-activated spray that shoots bursts of pepper and citrus so you can repel dogs with distance.


Seventh: Living Room Chats Go Digital!

Some people prefer phone chats while others would rather go digital. Living Room Chats Go Digital! is a software company that allows you to text or chat with others through Skype, Facebook messenger, and even email.


Eighth: Too Much Info? Here’s a Credit Card Lock

Too Much Info? Here’s a Credit Card Lock is the solution to people feeling lost in their own information. The app has made it so easy for its users to maintain their privacy and keep credit card numbers safe from being stolen.


Ninth: Outsmart burglars with this gadget

Outsmart burglars with this gadget. Safeguard your home and provide a safe haven for you and your family.


Tenth Best Deal Ever! – A $500K DEAL with Mark Cuban. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE…

Dustin learned that it’s hard to make a go of a hardware business. Dust dreams of starting another hardware company, but so far he has been unable to pull the trigger.

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