How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC Into a Voice-Controlled Device

How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC Into a Voice-Controlled Device

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, offers an enormous array of built-in features to help make life easier. One such feature is Cortana, the personal assistant that allows you to voice-control your Windows 10 PC. But what if you could use voice control not just with Cortana but with any program on your computer? That’s where VoiceAttack comes in! With this app you can use voice commands to open applications, toggle settings, and even launch games on your computer, all without having to lift a finger! Here’s how it works.

Why Use a Voice Assistant

Voice assistants have many uses including controlling your thermostat, lighting, home security system, and all of your entertainment systems in one app. Voice Assistants are an essential part of the smart home experience and can be used to make life easier.

Get Familiar with Vocal Assistant Apps

As the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 and 8.1 approaches, there is some good news if you’re still using either of these operating systems, with one exception – you won’t be able to get Microsoft Office 2019. That’s because in 2020 all versions of Microsoft Office will only be supported on Windows 10, with the exception of OneNote for iPad (supported on iOS 12).

Downloading and Installing the App on your Computer

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Setting up the Software

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