Android Lollipop: How to Stop It from Draining Your Battery

Android Lollipop How to Stop It from Draining Your Battery

Android Lollipop, the latest version of Android, brings many new features and improvements to the platform, but it also brings some problems along with it. The biggest problem facing owners of Android Lollipop devices is that the update has been shown to significantly diminish battery life compared to previous versions of Android. Here’s how you can fix it in five simple steps.


Every Android user has had their phone die at some point. However, this time it’s because of the latest Android OS – Lollipop. If you have a new device running Lollipop, then you’re experiencing battery drainage caused by the OS.

Install Greenify

There are plenty of battery-saving apps for Android, but Greenify is one of the most effective. Most apps will identify power-hogging apps that you’re not using and automatically put them into sleep mode when your phone’s screen turns off, which helps save juice when you’re not actively using those programs. Greenify does that, but also has an added feature that even further reduces the risk of your battery dying prematurely.

Disable Smart Wifi

If you use your phone’s Wi-Fi a lot, try disabling Android Lollipop’s Smart Wifi. This setting is found in the settings under Network & Internet. You can then make adjustments to the power consumption level so that Wi-Fi stays on when it will provide you with benefits (or conversely, stay off when Wi-Fi isn’t necessary). With this option disabled, your battery should last much longer!

Enable power-saving mode

To stop Android Lollopop from draining your battery, you can use power saving mode. Turn it on by clicking the gear icon in the notification shade and then scroll down and find Power saving.

Next click System > Display, and toggle off the option for Sleep when idle. This way, your phone will only turn off when you press the power button. Lastly, tap on Advanced, which is located near the bottom of the screen.

Change the screen brightness setting

Smartphones are designed to look great while they’re in use, but the settings that make these screens shine can also make them more difficult on your battery. By managing your phone’s screen brightness, you can have a smartphone that looks amazing and still lasts for hours. In order to control the brightness of your phone’s screen, open up the Settings menu and select Display. You’ll see a slider labeled Screen Brightness where you can adjust it up or down depending on how bright you want the screen.

Disable GPS when not in use

You may be unaware, but Android Lollipop has a habit of sending your phone’s GPS location data and keeping it active in the background. This is likely because Google Maps and other apps are using it for navigation.

Use Google Maps instead of the stand-alone maps app.

Google Maps can do a lot more than map out your route. For example, you can use it to pinpoint your current location and access nearby amenities, like the closest ATMs or coffee shops. Google’s navigation service also lets you download maps in advance so you’ll have them even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Use Chrome rather than a stand-alone browser app.

Open Chrome, tap the three-dot menu button on the top right corner of the app. Tap Settings and scroll down until you see Other Browser. Hit Add Browser and pick Chrome. Now every time you open your browser, you’ll be prompted with which browser you want to use. Pick Other Browser for a good Android Lollipop browsing experience.








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