Tablet Bliss: 4 ways to keep your tablet running smoothly

Tablet Bliss 4 ways to keep your tablet running smoothly

Are you one of the many people who love their tablet? Tablets are becoming more and more popular, and with so many different brands and types to choose from, it’s not surprising that we all have at least one! To help you get the most out of your tablet experience, take these four simple steps to keep your tablet running smoothly!

Install an Antivirus Software

One of the most important things you can do for the security of your tablet is to install antivirus software. You’ll be able to scan and remove any viruses that might try to attack or infect your system. Just like when you’re browsing on a laptop, it’s always best practice when using a mobile device. Remember not every app on the Google Play Store is safe so choose wisely! Be careful with what you download. Many apps are free but are riddled with ads which can cause your phone to become slower over time as they take up space on your phone or have programs in them that slow down the phone after some time.

A good way to tell if an app is worth downloading is by reading reviews by other users who have downloaded it before you!

Set Up Automatic Updates

One of the best things you can do for yourself is turn on automatic updates. Doing so will ensure that your device always has the latest and greatest improvements, without forcing you to manually install them when an update becomes available.

Clear the Cache

One of the easiest and most powerful tasks for you to do with an Android or iOS device is clearing the cache. Let’s start by looking at Android, the most popular operating system for tablets. Swipe from the top of your screen down toward the bottom, then tap Settings. Scroll down until you see Storage, tap it, then select Cached Data. Tap OK when prompted and wait while all cached data is cleared. Easy! Now we’ll switch over to iOS devices.

Update Apps

It’s important to update apps as soon as new versions are available. If you don’t have time, you can set an alarm in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for two weeks in advance, and the app will notify you when there is a newer version available. It’s also good practice to restart your tablet after installing an update. This will close any open programs and clear any bugs that may be affecting performance on your device.

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